Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th - Bridgewater Bike Ride

Time: 45 Minutes
Distance: 11
Weather: Sunny and gorgeous!
Temp: 72
Time: 11:45 AM
Terrain: Pretty flat, until the end

Comments: So I decided yesterday to come to New Jersey since Erin had to come up for a Shower and I figured I could come and borrow her mom's bike and go for a ride. It has been a long time since I've really gone and rode a bike, and the first time that I was doing it to truly get a workout and cross train. After the first mile I had a brand new respect for people that ride bikes as my legs hurt more from just a short amount of time on the bike than when I run 5-6 miles...but I think that has to do with working a different muscle set. I kept on going though saying to myself, if I ran a marathon I can take a stupid bike 11 miles! In all Liz claimed it was a pretty flat route I was taking, but those hills seemed to be insane and I would definitely not say that was the case, but maybe if I rode more often and at a slightly lower intensity maybe I would've done better over the hills! After it was over I was happy to have the workout over with and a nice glass of Orange Juice...but I wish I had a bike to ride more often! OH and if I rode more often I would definitely need a way to get more butt padding...THAT HURTS!

Days until MCM: 190 days
(this isn't the actual bike I was a black Sobe Cannondale)

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