Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Marathons

So now that I'm picking up training for the Marine Corps Marathon, I'm definitely feeling 'out of shape'...yes I know it's stupid that someone running 10 miles and still having plenty of energy can't possibly be out of shape...but I was at a much different fitness level after last years MCM, and I wish I was going into this training, at that level. Therefore I have made a decision that I must run a marathon this spring, but I'm struggling between which two to run. I think I already know which one but if anyone wants to give me some insight, feel free to e-mail me or comment.

Washington, DC
March 20, 2010

This is one that I almost ran last year, it offers a half option as well but I think I would definitely do it as a full, just to force myself to stay in peak shape over the winter. I first heard about it last year but decided against running it, because running in a marathon a month after my wedding would have meant I did not train seriously at all and what's the point of shelling out for a race that your not trained for.

- Located in DC which = no hotel or travel costs
- The hills in the early part of the race will help me learn how to run a smart race
- A small field will allow me to run a race without being surrounded start to finish
- I'll have some friends running the half that might be able to help pace me


- It's a hilly course early on so the chance of a PR is slim to none
- The course is a little further north then the VA Beach marathon, so it's just that much colder!
- It's not the most scenic course in the world (but you do get to run the mall)

All in all I think this is the race I'm going to do if I really do sign up for a spring marathon, but here's the other race.

Virginia Beach, VA
March 21, 2009

I thought about running this one as well last year. I heard about this race (as well as the national) at the MCM Expo and it seems appealing, if I don't do this one this year...I will definitely make sure it makes it onto my calendar in the future. Here's the pro's and con's

- Weather should be a little bit warmer then Washington, DC
- You get to run by the beach!
- It excites me if for no other reason it's in honor of St. Patricks birthday!
- It is apparently a very flat course so it is definitely a BQ course if I train well (hence why I may do it in 2 years not this year)

- I have to travel which creates extra costs - food, hotel, travel
- No one else I know is running it so I would definitely run the whole thing alone
- The beach, though scenic could create a killer head wind

So I don't know which to do, National is also less expensive if I register early (July 4-12)!

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