Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010 - Sleepy Hollow Long Run

Time: 1:33:05
Distance: 9.58
Pace: 9:42
Weather:  Entire course was dry
Time: 9:30 AM
Terrain: VERY hilly route

Today I finally made it back out to get in a distance run and to say it a brutal route is a complete understatement.  At one point during the run I was thinking that whoever came up with this route had to have been sadistic.  In the 9+ miles I ran, it is safe to say that in reality only about half a mile - if that - was flat.  I ran from my apartment over to sleepy hollow road, mostly for the hills on sleepy hollow.  Little did I know that the route I chose to get there, was also very hilly as well, which really gave me no forgiveness.  The one highlight of my run was at the half way point I was going up a pretty steep hill and I managed to pass a bike rider!  At that moment, even though for most of the way I was going at a pretty slow tempo I felt great that after all those hills so far I still had a bit left in me.

Today I also brought out my new shoes, it felt a little strange breaking in a new pair of shoes but it was about time.  They're my last pair of Wave Rider 12's...they have now been discontinued and I'll be moving onto the 13...or just finding a completely new shoe next time.

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