Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crystal Run 5K Fridays - April 9, 2010

I took another opportunity to volunteer at a race this past weekend and it was yet another great experience.  I never would have guessed when I became a Pacers Ambassador that the volunteering I would do, would be more exciting then actually racing sometimes.  This week I got to work alongside the Pacers Race Director, Kathy Dalby, and help solve some problems that came up and then work the finish line area.

When I got to the race I was thrown right into a problem with some of the data coming up wrong in the computer, luckily I am pretty good with excel and was able to fix the problem in no time - saving all of us A LOT of time.  After working with some data and adding runners into the spreadsheet I was sent to the start/finish line to work the clocks. The hardest part of my job was working a keyboard type thing that had me put in the bib numbers and the time that people crossed the finish line.  The hardest part was that my vision isn't exactly 20/20 at all times so I was just praying that I read most of the bib numbers right that I typed in.  I don't think I messed anything up, but I'll know next time I go to volunteer based on where I'm sent!

Next week I will be running the race if everything with my sisters flight coming in goes according to plan.  If I get there early enough maybe I'll be able to volunteer again.

Here's a picture of me working at the line...unbeknown to me


  1. That's awesome that you fixed the problem so quickly. If it's chip timed, then why was there a need for you to be typing in numbers?

  2. It's a back up system apparently...I THINK it has to do with making sure that the chip time and the real time match up but I'm not 100% positive. I mostly just do as I'm told and ask as few questions as possible. :)