Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5 - Short Easy Run

Tonight a good running friend came over for dinner, to meet my precious little daughter, and then to go on a nice short run just to catch up a bit.  We decided to do a short 3 mile loop and took the time to discuss ways I can improve my training program to meet some of the new goals I'm setting for myself.  Like I've said before, my current training program consists of doing a twice-weekly 5.5 mile run and a weekend long hill workouts, no track workouts, no tempo...nothing like that.

To be honest, half way through the run I broke down and finally asked one of the questions that's nagged me for a long time and said "what in the world is a tempo run???"  I can attribute this to never having a true "coach" and just going with the flow on my running hoping that everything would come together.  I think after my run this evening I have some good ideas on how to change my training regiment and make some serious strides towards my short term goals.  My current focus is on short distances, small races, and once I have a good hold of the speed I want to get to I will move back into the distance races and hope everything translates as planned.

Tonight it was about 83 when we ran, at about 8:15, we went at a nice casual/conversational pace.

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