Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crystal Run 5K Fridays

Last night was the start of the Pacers Crystal Run 5K Fridays.  I didn't race but I was there volunteering, and I had a great time.  The past 2 times I worked an event I was at the water stop, which is a pretty cool time but you're at the halfway point so you never get to see the finish or who wins.  This time I worked the finish line area, and made sure people turned the corner to get to the finish line area.  Seeing the finish I was able to see how truly dominant 2 of the Pacers runners are, they easily had close to a 2 minute advantage over the 3rd place runner.  Overall the course is pretty flat and I know a lot of people had a pretty good time, I'll be volunteering again next week and can't wait.  In two weeks when my sister comes to town, as long as her flight isn't late I'll be out there running my first 5K in about 2 years.  If you're free on a Friday night in April, sign up for a Crystal Run 5K today.

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