Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12th - Pacers Pentagon City 'Recovery Run'

Time: 29:00
Distance: 3.14
Pace: 9:04
Weather:  Raining
Temp: 54
Time: 5:30 AM
Terrain: Flat the whole way

This morning I did a run out of the Pentagon City store, I have the best intentions to run with them on a regular basis, but they have a 5:30 start, which makes it slightly harder to get ready for work in time.

I ran with a friend from the hill, he's still finding his way when it comes to running, but it doing an 8K on Sunday.  I finally convinced him to come out for a run with me and I did 3 miles with him, at his pace and I coached him a bit on the way on various aspects of running and races.  In the end we finished our 3 mile loop in just under 30 minutes, I got a decent recovery run in and got a chance to help a friend along the way.  All in all I consider that to equate to a great run!

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