Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Mizuno Running shoes

These are my good friends, my Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes.  They have already gotten me through a 10 miler and a Marathon...and I'm getting pretty close to that should have replaced a while ago period.  I never advocate someone running on shoes that are in need of replacing, but sometimes you have no choice and you keep on going until you find a way to get them replaced.  On the top, they look fine, a little dirty from the mud I've run through these past few weeks...but when you get to the bottom it's a whole different story.

Here you can see WHY they need replacing...that Gray part up wear all the rubber has slowly come off my shoes, causing me to lose some much needed cushioning.  I promise I will replace them before I put to many more miles on them, hopefully by late April when I do either than 10 miler or by early June when I do the half marathon...

When I do kiss them good bye though, I will certainly miss the racing tags on these shoes, I keep them partly because I think it's a cool momento to keep on the shoes, but also in case anything happens to me they have my name and age on the shoe, running with some sort of ID is VERY important, we've had 2 runners in DC get hit while running and it can take some time for them to figure out who you are without some sort of ID....always carry one.

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