Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9th - Pacers Greenberry AM Run

Time: 43:11
Distance: 5.3
Weather:  Nice and dry the entire course
Temp: 46
Time: 5:00 AM
Terrain: Pretty flat except at the the end

This morning I woke up bright and early to go on a 5 mile run with the Pacers group over in Greenberry.  It's easy to get up and head out for this run typically, because they have a lot of people show up and typically someone at my pace for me to run with.  This morning I ran with a guy Ken, we met a few weeks ago during a run and have become pretty good running partners since we both run at about the same pace and he doesn't mind a little talking along the run which is always good with me.

The weather was great for 5 AM, I left my house and it was about 40, by the time I got to Greenberry's it was already 46 and by the time I was heading home it hit about 53.

I didn't feel much fatigue along the run, although that uphill near the end always gets me.  I don't know if I could maintain the 8 minute pace for another 5-6 miles but I am hoping that soon, even with the baby coming, I'll be able to get some decent runs in to help me prepare for the half marathon I'm hoping to do in May.  (NOTE: I really don't EXPECT that I'll be able to train well for it, just wishful thinking)

Two additional thing I observed.
1) I desperately need new shoes again.  I have mastered wearing the shoe down until their is pretty much nothing left to provide cushion, hopefully I get a break in the next couple of weeks and find a fresh pair of shoes on my feet.  I'll take a picture of them tonight for a quick post.

2) By looking at my last run at Greenberry I cut my time since last time by a full minute and I remember last time I felt extremely fatigued at the end, I think I'm slowly getting my conditioning back!

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