Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 24, 2010 - Short run around apt

Time: 23:06
Distance: 3.0
Pace: 7:42
Weather:  Sunny
Temp: 65ish
Time: 2:00 PM
Terrain: Flat

Today it was a gorgeous day out and I decided to out on a run in the parking lot that circles my apartment complex.  I haven't run in a full week because last Friday's run was canceled due to my wife's contractions coming very close to each other.  I figured if I asked for permission to go running I would have gotten in some SERIOUS trouble.

When I started running I really didn't have a "goal distance" or any clue how far I'd run.  I was thinking somewhere in the 5-7 mile range and at times thought maybe I'd go with a nice 9-10 miles...after all I had zero time constraints unless the newborn baby girl in my life started throwing a complete fit and Erin needed help.  When I was at about mile 1.5 I started to feel light headed and the fact that I hadn't eaten lunch was starting to hit me so I decided I was going to call the run short and only do 3 miles.  It felt nice to run again, my knee hurt for the first 1/4 of a mile but then went away.  I'm definitely thinking it's my feet yelling at me for a new pair of shoes...hopefully that will happen soon.

Since I did a half mile loop I did 1/2 mile splits and here they are:
0.5 - 3:48
1.0 - 3:52
1.5 - 4:01
2.0 - 4:00
2.5 - 4:00
3.0 - 3:22

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