Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17th - Pacers Greenberry AM Run

Time: 42:17
Distance: 5.3
Pace: 7:59
Weather:  Entire course was dry
Temp: 49
Time: 5:00 AM
Terrain: Pretty flat except at the the end

This morning the Pacers AM group had the annual St. Patrick's Day run.  We had a really large group (about 25) show up for a 5 AM run, which is really impressive if ya ask me.

I ran with my group of 4, Ken, Julia, and Wally.  (Wally is a really fast runner that usually is leaps and bounds ahead of me but he decided to take it easy today I think.)  We started at a pretty decent pace on the downhill, but were really just talking and letting our legs go at whatever pace felt comfortable.  We didn't start to slow up until we started to his the up-hills near the end near the Marine Corps memorial at which point I really think having 4 runners helped us out dramatically to keep pushing each other.  As we started up the first incline (Marine Corp Hill) the other 3 started to slow up and I surged ahead to set the pace.  On the second half of the up-hill the peloton swallowed me and Wally and Julia started to set the pace to pull us up the hill.  As we flattened out in between the next set of hills we all just pushed ahead until the next set of hills.  Here Wally and I set the pace until we hit the crest.  This is when I turned to Wally and decided to turn it into a little bit of a race.  When I got to the finish with the large push I put in at the end I felt the need to throw up, but don't worry I didn't.

All in all, I beat my recorded time by about 15 seconds, nothing fantastic but each run I have felt great and have felt like I keep getting in slightly better shape.  I think that with a little more work I'll be good to go for the half marathon I want to do. 

And to answer the million dollar question right now, yes my wife is still pregnant and we're hoping she'll give birth any day now.

My yearly mileage count is currently at 65.21 with an average distance of 5.93 miles at a pace of 8:32 per mile.

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