Saturday, February 20, 2010

6 Miles on pavement!

Today marked my return to running as the snow is finally starting to melt and show signs of pavement.  The parking lot around my apartment complex is clear and is a half mile loop, so decided I'd take advantage of the warm weather today and go out on a 5 mile run...which turned into 6 because I was having so much fun.  The parking lot is a .5 mile loop and it has a slight incline on the first .2 miles which I never realized before.

I started off at a pretty quick pace for not being out running in 2 weeks, but I think part of that was just the excitement of getting to run again.  I ran with the iPod my sister gave me since mine broke a few weeks back and it helped me get through the run, and I was able to use the timer on it to keep checking my pace.  Overall I was happy with my splits, they were APPROXIMATELY:
Mile 1: 7:15
Mile 2: 7:45
Mile 3: 8:00
Mile 4: 8:00
Mile 5: 8:00
Mile 6: 7:20
Total: 46:20
Average: 7:44

After about mile 2 I was thinking to myself, well I haven't run in 2 weeks...maybe I'll do 3 miles and go home but then I decided I'd punish myself for thinking about giving up and add a mile at the end, and try to do it hard.  For miles 4 and 5 I decided let's just relax and enjoy the run and then go as hard as possible on mile that's unfortunately all I had left in me!

It's nothing that will qualify me for Boston, but it was a good run and I think I'll be able to get out running more often and bring down my pace quite a bit.

After the run I had a nice strawberry-chocolate protein shake...yumm

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