Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feburary 27th - Long Run (ish)

Time: 1:27:14
Distance: 9.4
Weather: Started off a little chilly but it was pretty sunny
Temp: 34
Time: 9:00 AM
Terrain: Rolling hills pretty much non-stop.  I ran on back roads most of the route until the end when I had to run on snow covered sidewalk or main highway.

I decided that today would be my return to trying to get in a long run on Saturdays, but I wasn't willing/able to wake up in time to run at 8 AM with the Pacers Fun Run Groups.  I mapped out a 9 mile route around a lake near my apartment, figuring it would give me a chance to see my new neighborhood and figure out my way around it...well the first part turned out to be right, I got terribly lost on my run!

This route, when mapped on appears to be flat and looks like it'll be a nice and scenic run, wow are they wrong on the flat part.  Nearly every side street I ran down featured a decent accent and decent...though I felt like I was really getting robbed on my descents and was not getting nearly enough rest.  I was also supposed to be able to turn left at one point and cross a bridge...well I never saw it and ended up on a main road.  I turned back into the community but didn't recognize where I was at all, so I asked someone walking a dog how to get back onto the Columbia Pike, the road I live on.  She gave me directions but I was so far back on a main road that it made the last 2 miles quite nerve wracking since sidewalks were non-existent under the snow and running with cars going 45 miles an hour next to you is not the greatest of feelings.

Overall I'd rate it as a pretty decent run, I thought I was going at a faster pace than I was, but I think I lost a lot of time on the hills.

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