Saturday, February 6, 2010

Running in the cold

So I'm stuck inside because we have one of the biggest snow storms in the history of the DC area coming through.  All of this snow has me thinking about cold weather running and how to get through it.  It's been pretty cold in DC as of late, I've been typically out there running in 20-30 degree weather.  My legs don't mind the cold so I usually wear shorts through the winter but my upper body, it gets pretty cold.  Luckily, this year for Christmas my Aunt and Uncle got me a great piece of clothing, the Under Armour Cold Gear Mock Turtleneck.  The past couple of runs that I've used this on I will just put a t-shirt over to brighten me up since it's still pretty dark and it keeps me pretty comfortable.   According to the Under Armour web site:
"Two layer brushed fabric combines enhanced thermal protection and moisture transport. Compression fit for bolstered muscle support and increased circulation resulting in higher efficiency output and increased stamina."
In other words, it keeps you pretty warm!
"Anti-Odor Technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes."
 And doesn't smell!
Here are some more reviews of the Under Armour cold gear

For more on winter running, here's a link from the February Runners World magazine

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